The following list contains all of the Appendices as referenced throughout The Blueprint Guide:

    1. Essential Commitments of a Blueprint Community
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Blueprint for Safety Informational Brochure
    4. Adapting the Blueprint: Phases & Key Activities
    5. What Is Distinctive About the Blueprint as an Approach to Domestic Violence Crimes?
    6. Community Readiness Checklist (editable)
    7. Community Consultation in the Blueprint
    8. Research that Supports the Blueprint for Safety
    9. The Blueprint Approach to Risk
    10. Blueprint for Safety Essential Elements – Annotated
    11. Foundations of Effective Intervention
    12. Sample Memorandum of Understanding (editable)
    13. Blueprint Coordinator Role, Responsibilities and Skills
    14. Blueprint Advocate Role, Responsibilities and Skills
    15. Blueprint Adaptation Team Role and Activities
    16. Planning a Blueprint for Safety Proposal
    17. Policy Adaptation Phases
    18. Adaptation Process and Timeline
    19. Coordinating the Blueprint: Strategies to Stay Focused and Move Forward
    20. Blueprint Adaptation Tasks and Timeline
    21. Presentation Template: Becoming a Blueprint Community
    22. Policy and Practice Assessment Guide
    23. Blueprint Implementation Team Rules: Roles & Activities
    24. Launch and Interagency Training Planning Checklist
    25. Launch & Interagency Training Presentation Template
    26. Agency Implementation Plan Template (editable)
    27. Blueprint Monitoring – Key Activities Grid
    28. Implementing the Blueprint for Safety: Supervisory Roles and Responsibilities
    29. Interagency Accountability Check (editable)
    30. Agency Training Slide Presentation Template: 911
    31. Agency Training Slide Presentation Template: Patrol