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                   Praxis Statement of Solidarity

Praxis believes that the right to reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy is an extension of the movement to end gender-based violence.

In an attempt to control, coerce, and intimidate, the Supreme Court overturned the protections established by Roe v. Wade. As an organization committed to eliminating all forms of gender-based violence and oppression, we say to you:

We will not be controlled.
We will not be coerced.
We will not be intimidated.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is only one piece of a decades-long systematic campaign rooted in white male supremacy designed to harm the most marginalized populations in our communities– ​​including, but not limited to, survivors, BIPOC, 2SLGTBQ+, and people with disabilities.

The United States was founded on the control of marginalized bodies: the genocide and displacement of indigenous peoples, chattel slavery, forced sterilization, and state-sponsored violence. Today this control continues through additional mechanisms such as the criminalization of poverty, anti-immigration policies, and anti-trans legislation. The Supreme Court’s decision sits within this history of violence and upholds the same white, heteropatriarchal, gender-based oppression that Praxis has worked against for 25 years.

Many are angry, grieving, and afraid. We are too.

But we will not be deterred. We are unwavering in our commitment to achieving a more equitable and just world. We will continue to stand with advocates, survivors, and all those who seek safe abortion care. The hardships they now face will not be forgotten.

We are ready to fight together. Join us in taking action today, and every day, to undo this atrocity and ensure that further freedoms are not eroded.

In solidarity,
The staff of Praxis:

Amanda Watson, Bree Adams Bill, Diane Docis, Elena Eggert Anderson, Kata Issari, Kue Chang, LaShae Lopez, Maren Woods, Noushin Shafiee, Patrice Anthony, Renee Torian, and Shelly Stoffel

A few ways you can take action:
· Donate or volunteer with abortion clinics at the national level (National Network of Abortion Funds) or in your local area (find the abortion fund nearest you).
· Donate to FreeForm’s National Abortion Fund for Survivors.
· Find local organizations providing logistical support: Apiary for Practical Support
· Attend a protest or rally in your community
· Sponsor a discussion in your program about how to mobilize
· Let survivors know that you will support them in accessing safe abortion care
· Hold space for and support one another in our grief and rage.
· Remember to nurture your mind, spirit, and body to sustain yourself for this struggle

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