Praxis International Organization Summary

Praxis International is a nonprofit training and technical assistance organization that works to eliminate violence in the lives of women and children through local, statewide and national social justice initiatives. Praxis centers an equity approach in its programs and operations. Praxis’ methods of institutional analysis and community assessment have been used by communities, territories and tribes across the country to examine responses to sexual and domestic violence. These methods have been used to improve institutional responses by the criminal and civil legal systems, advocacy programs, supervised visitation centers, and child welfare. Praxis promotes social change advocacy at the individual, institutional and community levels by engaging with gender-based violence programs and communities. Praxis works every day to eliminate all forms of oppression in society. We strive to provide a supportive and dynamic work environment for social activists while strengthening connections with all those who want to join us in this essential work.

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Posted Nov 16, 2021

There are currently no positions to be filled.