alt="" You may be involved in the early planning stages of your community’s decision to conduct an Audit; or, as with many Coordinators, you may come in after many key decisions have been made.

Regardless, you should be well-grounded in the methodology and be able to articulate the Audit process to agency administrators, practitioners, and community members. Building buy-in and support will be a big part of your job—early on, and throughout the process. The following tools fit a variety of situations, from writing a grant to fund an Audit to explaining what it is.

alt=""Getting Started: Assessing Your Community’s Needs
alt=""Sample Audit Grant Proposal
alt=""Audit Overview
alt=""Safety Audit Overview—adapted by a community to a domestic violence Audit
alt=""Sample Audit Overview–adapted by a community to a sexual violence Audit

alt="" Careful planning is critical to a successful Audit. It contributes to a transparent process where everyone understands the focus and scope of the project and their respective roles.

Audit Roles: Coordinator, Team, and Consultant
Audit Coordinator Job Description
Audit Planning Worksheet
Audit Coordinator’s Activity Checklist
Three Ways to Refine The Audit Inquiry: Forming Your Audit Scope, Focus, and Question
Sample Audit Questions (short list)
Sample Audit Questions (long list)
Sample Audit Data Collection Timeline–Intensive Approach
Sample Audit Data Collection Timeline–Extended Approach

alt="" A key role of most Audit Coordinators is negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each participating agency that describes the process and clarifies roles and responsibilities

You will also draft an Audit team confidentiality agreement that sets a framework for how information will be collected, analyzed, and released beyond the team.

alt=""Memorandum of Understanding Template-Domestic Violence Audit
alt=""Memorandum of Understanding Template-Sexual Violence Audit
alt=""Memorandum of Understanding Template-Equity Focused Audit
alt=""Audit Team Confidentiality Agreement Template