The Logistics Guide is a companion piece to other materials that help you prepare for your role as an Audit Coordinator:
  •  The Story of Rachel (4-minute DVD) dramatically depicts the events set in motion by one battered woman’s call to 911. It helps deepen a Safety Audit team’s understanding of the complex relationship between battered women and the systems they turn to for help. To order, email
  • The Safety and Accountability Audit Informational Video (14-minute DVD) provides an overview of the Safety Audit method, along with commentary from practitioners around the country who participated in the process. To order, email
  • The Praxis Safety and Accountability Audit Tool Kit (manual with 4 DVDs) is the basic guide to the Audit method and its process of gathering and analyzing data. The Tool Kit’s templates, illustrations and worksheets outline the Safety Audit’s philosophical underpinnings, clarify the data collection steps and methodologies, and provide a knowledge base for the team’s work. To order, email
  • Text Analysis as a Tool for Coordinated Community Response: Keeping Safety for Battered Women and Their Children at the Center (manual) guides a coordinated community response team through a process of examining the gaps between the safety needs of battered women and how an institution has organized its workers through “text” to respond to domestic assaults. It provides Safety Audit Coordinators with a more detailed understanding of how to approach text analysis.
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  • The most direct, hands-on preparation for an Audit Coordinator is to attend our 4-day Community Assessment Institute. If attending an Institute is not possible, the materials listed above will be essential reading and will help give you a solid footing.