The Institutional Analysis TA project offers a number of ways for communities to connect with experts in the institutional analysis, community assessment, and Safety & Accountability Audits, to learn from other communities who have implemented the process, and to be exposed to new and some of the best materials in the field of system reform on behalf of survivors of violence against women. Check this page frequently for information related to upcoming events.


Praxis offers webinar and in-person training for programs organizing an end to violence against women. We are committed to access and inclusion for our trainings, and strive to ensure all events are as accessible as possible for participants with disabilities, limited English proficiency (LEP), and Deaf participants.


4-day annual training institutes for local teams to be immersed in the full range of tools and methods involved in community assessments as outlined by the Praxis Safety and Accountability Audit

Community Assessment Institute
A training institute on conducting community-based assessments of institutional responses to violence against women 

April 30 – May 3, 2019
Saint Paul, Minnesota


If your community could benefit from learning how complex institutions either meet the needs of, or produce negative outcomes for, survivors of gender-based violence, this institute is for you. By applying the Praxis Institutional Analysis method to the multifaceted criminal legal system during the institute training, you will learn the practical methods, skills, and strategies to coordinate and implement an assessment of your community’s response to gender-based violence. Praxis Institutional Analysis process produces a road map for institutional change that will enhance safety and well-being for survivors and accountability of offenders.

Institute participants will learn how to:
• Utilize the basic information-gathering elements of an assessment
• Analyze different types of text that impact case outcomes
• Conduct effective, engaging, and informative interviews with key practitioners
• Get the most out of an observation of practitioners’ work
• Conduct focus groups with survivors to glean insider knowledge and insights
• Draw conclusions from the information collected and translate it into new policies, procedures, training strategies, resource allocations, supervisory practices, and job functions that improve outcomes for survivors and accountability for offenders

We are committed to ensure all events are as accessible as possible for participants with disabilities, limited English proficiency (LEP), and Deaf or hard of hearing. The registration form includes important questions related to how we can ensure an equal experience for all. If you require help or an alternate format to register, please contact Shelly Stoffel, or (218) 525-0487 X 250.

What past participants have said about the training:
• [This] Institute provided a great framework for assessing community institutions in a productive way.
• I liked how we actually got to use the tools and concepts we were learning about. I also really enjoyed the observation opportunities.
• The days built upon each other and provided a great deal of necessary programmatic information.
• Great dialogue with facilitators – they allowed us as participants to share/discuss while leading the various activities.

 Webinar trainings 

Your responses to the questions about accessibility accommodations included in our registration process help us meet your needs. We, therefore, ask for registration at least seven days before an event to allow adequate time to accommodate requests. We offer live webinar closed-captioning and visually accessible PowerPoints. If you need assistance with registration, require an alternate format to register, or need other help to register or participate, please contact:

Receive quality training on institutional analysis, community assessment, and Safety & Accountability Audits over the internet.

Webinar connection and call-in information will be sent with registration confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation withing a few minutes of registering, check your Spam folder. Contact if you need assistance.

Long distance charges to participate can be paid with OVW set-aside training funds. All sessions are from 2:00 – 3:15 pm Central Time. If you are unable to participate in webinars, you will find the recordings of each posted to the IATA Recordings page about a week after the event. 


Stay tuned for future webinars!