Praxis Safety & Accountability Audit Toolkit


This toolkit is a critical how-to guide for communities assessing their institutional responses to violence against women. Specifically, it details the process for assessing the criminal justice system response to domestic violence.

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The Praxis Safety and Accountability Audit Toolkit is a how-to guide for communities assessing their institutional responses to violence against women and gender-based violence. The Praxis Institutional Analysis method, commonly referred to as an Audit, Community Assessment, and/or Institutional Analysis, has been applied to a range of systems and interventions in order to improve outcomes for survivors of gender-based violence and reduce the potential harm caused by institutional intervention. In addition to its initial and current application to domestic violence criminal cases, the Praxis Institutional Analysis method has been used to examine responses to sexual assault (in criminal cases and in campus-based settings) and to analyze child protection, family court, custody, and supervised visitation and exchange practices in domestic violence-related cases. It has also been adapted to examine disparity in foster care placements for African American children and implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Intended for local community use, the guides, templates, illustrations, checklists, and videos included in the Toolkit outline the Audit’s philosophical underpinnings, clarify the Institutional Analysis methodology and data collection steps, and provide a knowledge base for a Team’s work. This version of the Toolkit builds upon the rich foundation of domestic violence Audits by incorporating Praxis’ work with communities that have tailored the method to examining sexual assault and inequities or disparities based on race, ability, class, language spoken, and immigration status.

Note: Praxis offers free resources for communities interested in using the methods described in this toolkit. We encourage you to access our extensive library of webinar recordings, sample audit reports, and  and materials to support the logistics aspects of the Audit in our on-line. Praxis also provides fee-based consulting services for  more intensive, customized guidance using onsite and distance consultation and training. For more information about assistance available, contact  safetyaudit@praxisinternational.org or 651-699-8000, ext. 2500.

Order the Safety and Accountability Audit Toolkit through our website, or contact Janice Wick, janice@praxisinternational.org with questions, 218-525-0487, ext. 2510.