Shelly joined Praxis International as training manager and videoconference specialist in 1998.

Shelly has also planned 3 national conferences on rural domestic violence prevention.

As the Praxis videoconferencing coordinator, Shelly has produced national videoconference sessions on a variety of domestic violence topics, selecting content experts as speakers, helping develop and edit handout materials, and managing all technical aspects of the presentations.

She likes to be active when she takes time away from work. Her favorite leisure activities are travel, volleyball, and scuba diving.

Previous experience
Shelly has worked in the field of domestic violence since 1994 when she became information specialist for the Battered Women’s Justice Project in Duluth, Minnesota.

In 1995, she joined Minnesota Program Development, Inc., as a training coordinator. Her first assignment was to work with United States Marine Corps Headquarters staff to plan and coordinate the United States Marine Corps Training Project on domestic violence, preparing the curriculum and handling logistics for training events in Duluth and at military installations.

Before coming to Praxis, Shelly spent 13 years in all with Minnesota Program Development, where she later became training coordinator and videoconferencing coordinator for the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (formerly the National Training Project).

In addition to planning and implementing training events and videoconferences on domestic violence for a variety of audiences, she continued to work with the United States Marine Corps to assist them in implementing coordinated community response programs at all of their installations in the United States and abroad.


  • Peer reviewer for U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women


  • Planning more than 100 training events on domestic violence
  • Co-developing training manuals and curricular materials for all training institutes and videoconferences