Praxis offers webinar and in-person training for programs organizing an end to violence against women in rural communities. We are committed to access and inclusion for our trainings, and strive to ensure all events are as accessible as possible for participants with disabilities, limited English proficiency (LEP), and Deaf participants.

Your responses to the questions about accessibility accommodations included in our registration process help us meet your needs. We, therefore, ask for registration at least seven days before an event to allow adequate time to accommodate requests. We offer live webinar closed-captioning and visually accessible PowerPoints. If you need assistance with registration, require an alternate format to register, or need other help to register or participate, please contact:

Strengthening Rural Advocacy Training–specialized in-person training for advocacy programs in rural communities: a unique opportunity to assess and strengthen comprehensive advocacy for survivors

March 3 – 5, 2020
Chaska, MN
9 am – 5 pm

This training will build skills for rural advocates and advocacy program decision makers. It is a rare opportunity for advocacy program staff at all levels to learn together about how to support, expand, and give new direction to advocacy in rural communities. Participants will leave with an increased understanding of how to provide a range of advocacy that is responsive to the unique needs of rural communities and rural survivors. A particular focus of the training will be exploring organizational structures and capacity building for rural programs to promote and strengthen their successful comprehensive advocacy.

Training sessions address:
• Identifying the root causes of gender-based violence
• Defining the purpose and function of comprehensive advocacy
• Exploring the unique needs of rural advocates and advocacy programs
• Exploring the unique needs of rural survivors and their healing process
• Identifying and responding to gaps and barriers for survivors in the complexity of their lives
• Building the capacity of rural programs to do comprehensive advocacy for survivors

Approved training:
Rural grantees may use their OVW set-aside training funds to cover travel expenses and do not need to get approval from your OVW program specialist.

Registration Information:
Online registration will be open on January 9, 2020.

 Rural Routes to Change–webinar training and networking

Webinars on the core components of effective institutional and individual advocacy that improve outcomes for victims and accountability for offenders. These trainings are intended to provide in-depth perspective and thinking on relevant issue from national and rural experts in the field. Registration is required. All webinars take place from  2 – 3:15pm Central TimePlease contact if you do not receive registration confirmation.


Stay tuned for future Rural Routes to Change webinars!


 Building Blocks–webinar training

Registration is required. 


Stay tuned for future Building Block webinars!