Resources developed and designed with and for rural programs. Email for more information on how to access print versions of any of these materials.

  At a Crossroads: Developing Duluth’s Prosecution Response to Battered Women Who Fight BackAt a Crossroads Image

This monograph tells the story of how city prosecutors, battered women’s advocates, and other practitioners came together to address the unique issues presented by domestic violence defendants who are battered women. Our concern focused on public safety–the safety all concerned. A year and a half later, we had developed a new prosecution policy and a new program–the Crossroads Program.

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 Domestic Violence Handbook and Training Guide for Patrol DeputiesDomestic Violence Handbook and Training Guide cover image

One of the few rural resources of its kind, this handbook was written for deputies in the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota. It is a guide to the implementation of new domestic violence policies developed as a result of a Domestic Violence Safety & Accountability Audit conducted in 1998.

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 From the Ground Up: Strategies for Organizing in Rural CommunitiesFrom the Ground Up Guide image of sunflowers

Social change movements are characterized by extreme dedication, commitment and hard work by organizers and workers. This series of interviews and discussion pieces, designed by and for rural grantees, offers insights and strategies to people organizing in rural areas on issues of violence against women. The DVD and discussion guide serves to inspire advocates and community leaders with the innovations used effectively by other seasoned rural organizers.

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Video recordings:
 Pt 1: Where is Rural? (249 MB)
 Pt 2: Starting from Scratch (246 MB)
 Pt 3: How Did You Learn to Organize? (350 MB)
 Pt 4: Educating Your Community (375 MB)
 Pt 5: Being Effective, Being Yourself (401 MB)

 Organizing With Passion: Domestic Violence Organizing StrategiesBuilding Relationships of Trust with compassion, Honesty and Creativity booklet cover image

Asian & Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center

A handbook written for Praxis International to be distributed to rural grantees receiving funding from the Office on Violence Against Women. The handbook covers key community organizing principles and strategies. It focuses on building relationships with, and reaching out to, the Samoan, Cambodian, Latino and Native American communities. Also included are methods for working within smaller, isolated areas including use of “Natural Helpers,” an organizing model that educates community members that battered women naturally come into contact with to be bridges to services for women. Also highlighted is a rural grantee organizing effort in Florida to reach battered women of color.


 Safety Evaluation for Battered Womensafety_evaluation_cover

Creating safety for a woman who has been the victim of battering is a complex under taking. Most advocates, and many other interveners in cases where domestic violence has occurred, are trained in and deeply familiar with conducting face-to-face risk assessments with individual battered women. However, if we limit our analysis to the safety of one woman at a time, we miss valuable opportunities for examining how women’s safety can be taken up by and woven into every level of our work–from community organizing to program evaluation. This packet of resources was compiled in order to guide us–as advocates, systems practitioners,or policymakers–in our thinking about what the safety of women means in our community by broadening our perspective on safety evaluation for battered women and their children.

Safety Evaluation for Battered Women Resource Packet introduction
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Chapter 2 research synopsis
Download Jacquelyn Campbell’s article and Danger Assessment
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Chapter 4 article