Will You Hold My Child…?

Praxis has developed an original drama production that looks at how we intervene in cases of battering where children are involved.


Based on stories from battered women’s lives, Will you hold my child…? brings participants into the physical, emotional, and spiritual turmoil of a home where battering is occurring. It offers a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics created by an abuser, and in particular, demonstrates how destructive the abuse is to the relationship between a mother and her children.

As well as depicting the reality of living with battering, the 60 minute drama examines the response of a wide range of intervening agencies including 911, law enforcement, child welfare, supervised visitation and battered women’s advocacy programs. The production is a catalyst for training, covering topics such as:

  • Understanding the key theoretical approaches to battering and the impact that these have on the design of our intervention.
  • Strengthening the existing survival strategies that women and children use to assist them (individually and as a unit) in living with, escaping, and recovering from the effects of abuse.
  • Creating interventions that protect children by minimizing the batterers opportunity and inclination to abuse.
  • Creating systemic change that focuses on the tools that are available to workers to do their job rather than the performance of individual workers.

With OVW program manager approval, you can use your training funds to either:

  1. Bring Praxis trained actors/facilitators to perform the play and conduct a training in your community, or
  2. Create your own performance and training using our complete play production package which includes:
    • script
    • production guide for actors and directors
    • agency reports audio track
    • agency reports video slide show
    • workshop discussion guide

If you would like help in thinking through how you can you use Will You Hold My Child…? in your community, please contact  ruralta@praxisinternational.org or call 651-699-8000 x 1600, for more information.

 View 5 min video clip of performance
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Cost of bringing Praxis Will you hold my child…? actors to your community

* Please note: the play is not intended for use in schools, with children, or the general public. It has been developed as a training tool for agency practitioners only.