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Praxis guides communities in the use of Institutional Analysis methods to engage in institutional reform on behalf of survivors of violence against women. By focusing on how workers are organized to act on cases, Institutional Analysis uncovers how complex institutions and systems either meet the needs of or produce negative outcomes in the lives of real, everyday people. This interactive map is just a sampling of the communities that have implemented this process in the United States with support from Praxis, Battered Women’s Justice Project, Mending the Sacred Hoop, and/or Center for the Study of Social Policy. The methodology has also been applied internationally, in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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Tips for navigating the interactive map 

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  • Click the map points for information about the project’s focus, the year it was completed, lead organization, team membership, and funding entity.
  • Click on the icon found on the left of the top border of the map to filter by project focus.   rectangle icon with arrow on left side
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Icon key
IATA map icon DVCLS    Domestic violence criminal legal system
IATA map icon SACLS    Sexual assault criminal legal system
IATA map icon distictive applications    Distinctive applications (Tribal, advocacy, child welfare, supervised visitation centers, civil legal system, etc.)