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(In)Visible Workings: A change-agent’s guide to closing the gap between what people need and what legal and human service institutions do

The training materials, written by Ellen Pence, Ph.D., are designed to teach readers to recognize, and account for twelve structural features of institutions that adversely affect the people who have been drawn into institutional processes as “cases” to be “managed”

Blueprint for Safety

The newly revised Blueprint for Safety has been updated to include new research supporting the Blueprint response and has been reprinted with a portrait orientation suitable for a 3-ring binder.  The Blueprint is intended to be a living, breathing document that will periodically be updated with new information and resources. Free…

Essential Skills in Coordinating Your Community Response to Battering: An E-Learning Course for CCR Coordinators

An innovative online learning course that you can complete at your own pace teaches you key steps in effective coordination and essential skills in how to: access national resources, talk with battered women to inform your thinking and frame core safety issues, analyze case files, talk with practitioners to benefit…

Institutional Analysis (I.A.): Matching What Institutions Do with What Works for People

This packet contains two articles describing Institutional Analysis (I.A). In The Institutional Analysis: Matching What Institutions Do with What Works for People, Ellen Pence describes to agency leaders the value and process of using I.A. She links her article to a compilation of interviews with people conducting I.A.s as part…
Our Pride poster sample

it is time to dance…

This public awareness campaign was developed by an inter-tribal group of rural advocacy programs. We brought together our diverse experiences and identities to develop materials that incorporate our thinking, values and beliefs. The campaign is intended to reach Tribal Nations, Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians across the United States.
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It's Hard to Know What to Do poster sample; private family life

It’s hard to know what to do

As people living in diverse rural communities, we share the common value of offering help to neighbors and family members when they face troubles. When the barn is hit by lightning and burns to the ground, as neighbors we all pitch in and help build a new barn. It’s natural…

Praxis Safety & Accountability Audit Tool Kit

This toolkit is a critical how-to guide for communities assessing their institutional responses to violence against women. Specifically, it details the process for assessing the criminal justice system response to domestic violence.

Repairing the Harm: How Family & Friends Can Help Battered Mothers and Their Children

This 18-page booklet will help friends and family understand what battered women and children experience when living with a batterer.

Safety and Accountability Audit Informational Video

This 14-minute presentation features a description of the Audit process as well as feedback and testimony from criminal justice practitioners across the U.S. who have been a part of Audits in their communities.

Story of Rachel

This dramatic 4-minute training tool depicts the events set in motion by one battered woman's call to 911: from the criminal court case, to the child protection investigation, to a protection-order petition, to a visitation center visit, to her ultimate eviction.
Story of Sameera Website product image

Story of Sameera

This dramatic 8-minute training video shows what happens when an abused immigrant woman (who is not fluent in English) is drawn into systems that are meant to help her, following a neighbor’s call to 911. From the criminal case, to civil protection options, to the child protection investigation, to immigration…
Take a Stand poster sample; Treat Her Like a Queen

Take A Stand

This public awareness campaign includes visual and audio aids that can be used as awareness and advocacy tools in your work with rural Black women who are battered.

Teen Dating Violence: Prevention and Intervention Strategies

This packet includes a DVD and written materials that focus on teen dating violence intervention and prevention strategies. It includes an in-depth interview with Carole Sousa, national expert on teen dating violence.

Will You Hold My Child…?

This drama production on intervening in domestic violence cases involving children is a tool for grantees to use locally.


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