At Praxis International since 1998, Janice manages our Duluth, Minnesota, office and also works with Rural Technical Assistance on Violence Against Women, a program that helps rural communities develop effective intervention strategies.

As program specialist for Rural Technical Assistance, Janice works directly with 120 agencies and advocacy programs that receive grant funding from the U.S. Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women. She coordinates the technical assistance they receive from Praxis staff and other content experts.

Janice maintains an ongoing relationship with participating rural grantees through phone calls and e-mails them information about upcoming training and networking opportunities such as educational institutes and audio or video conferences.

She keeps a database on the grantees that includes their contact information, goals and objectives, and participation in technical assistance options provided by Praxis. She surveys them about their needs and conducts ongoing evaluations of Praxis services.

As administrative specialist, Janice is responsible for business functions of the organization. She administers employee benefits, manages insurance policies, is responsible for the distribution of Praxis products, and manages the corporate office in Duluth.

Away from work, Janice loves to spend time with her 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. She’s also a gardener. And her favorite things to read are mystery novels and cookbooks.

Previous experience
Janice first became involved in battered women’s issues in 1981 when she participated in education and support groups offered by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project.

She later volunteered as an on-call advocate and co-facilitated a support group for battered women who used violence.

Immediately before joining Praxis, Janice was employed by a local nursing home for 12 years as its program director and volunteer coordinator. She became an active advocate for elder rights and worked to combat elder abuse.

Earlier jobs included administrative and clerical duties for a coffee company, a technical college, and Women’s Coalition, Inc., all in Duluth.


  • Member of interview team for First Witness Child Abuse Resource Center, 2001-2010
  • Former member of board of directors of Minnesota Program Development, Inc., the parent organization of Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs
  • Former member of board of directors of Women’s Coalition, Inc., a battered women’s shelter; also volunteered at the shelter for many years
  • Peer reviewer for U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women


  • An original member of the Women’s Action Group, organized in Duluth in 1984 to work on issues of violence and poverty in women’s lives