Praxis receives Dorothy E. Smith Award

Praxis was honored to receive The Dorothy E. Smith Award for Scholar-Activism at the 2019 SSSP Annual Meeting in New York City. The award recognizes the activities of an individual or group who has made substantial contributions to institutional ethnographic scholar-activism in either a single project or some longer body of work, particularly those that involves IE research used for activist ends or activist efforts that have drawn upon or contributed to IE scholarship. An excerpt from the nomination letter submitted by Naomi Nichols, Assistant Professor Integrated Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, McGill University:

“Praxis does the work that scholar activists in the academy like me would love to do, but which feels structurally impossible. I have collaborated with Praxis myself on more than one occasion and always walk away feeling intellectual transformed – they have carved out a fruitful balance between critical intellectual engagement, institutional collaboration and reform.”

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