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Rural Training

Welcome, rural grantees! Since 1998, Praxis has been providing training, technical assistance (TA) and networking opportunities to rural communities funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

Approved training! Rural grantees may use their OVW set-aside training funds to cover travel expenses to attend all training listed here and do not need to get approval from their OVW program specialist. No registration fee.

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Rural Routes to Change-webinar networking
Building Blocks-webinar training
Grantee Roundtables

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June 17
Risk and Dangerousness: Helping practitioners to “connect the dots” 
Connie Sponsler-Garcia, BWJP, Denise Eng and Liz Carlson, Praxis International

When practitioners in the criminal justice system attempt to determine the risk a domestic violence offender poses for victims and interveners, they are disadvantaged by a system that historically has not gathered, interpreted, and disseminated information in a coordinated way. Overtime, CCRs across the country have been working to address the system’s inability to “connect the dots”. In the past five years, increasing national attention has been paid to developing strategies and tools to help practitioners determine “who is in danger from whom and in what ways?” thereby enhancing interventions in cases involving domestic violence. Join us as we consider a range of risk and danger models that help to build a collective interagency response toward making the level of violence and risk to victims visible to practitioners.  

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Webinars on the core components of effective institutional and individual advocacy that improve outcomes for victims and accountability for offenders. These trainings are intended to provide in-depth perspective and thinking on relevant issue from national and rural experts in the field. 

Registration is required. Please contact if you do not receive registration confirmation. 

All calls take place the third Wednesday of each month from 2 - 3:15pm Central Time. 

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Facilitated by Rose Thelen, Praxis TAP and expert on rural coordinated community responses, Rural Routes to Change feature guests working to implement key CCR strategies in rural communities to share their current experiences

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critical-thinking and problem-solving events with a small group of rural advocates, practitioners,
 Praxis staff and a national expert.

June 24 & 25, 2015
Our Source of Strength

Bloomington, MN

A rural grantee roundtable to learn together how to engage and organize survivors and community to shift attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that contribute to violence against women.

With Jill Abernathey, Praxis Consultant; and Praxis staff: Sandy Davidson, Program Manager, Advocacy Learning Center; Diane Docis, Program and Training Specialist, Advocacy Learning Center; and Maren Woods, Program Manager, Rural TA Project

A slower pace and honoring tradition are common values across rural communities. Long-held traditions can sustain a community and bring people together for the good of the community, particularly in times of adversity. Yet, long-held social norms and beliefs that tolerate violence against women can make rural communities slower to acknowledge or confront that violence.

Rural advocates have few opportunities to come together with their peers across the country to share information and learn strategies to address common issues. Participants of this roundtable will learn about and share strategies to overcome religious, political, and cultural conservatism and work to change community, social, and cultural norms in rural communities. This event seeks to inspire and excite advocates about the role of community advocacy to end violence against women/survivors. Participants will share strategies for how to engage survivors and community members to engage in collective action that leads to social change in rural communities.

Participants of this roundtable will be better able to: 
  • Think critically about how community advocacy can shift social norms 
  • Assess and strengthen advocacy to engage survivors and community
  • Employ public awareness and education strategies to support change
  • Apply principles and skills of community advocacy to local work
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Contact Janice Wick for more information:, 218-525-0487, x 251

Upcoming training INSTITUTE
Large groups of grantees and national experts gather for training on a range of topics.

Watch for upcoming institutes!

Contact Janice Wick for more information:, 218-525-0487, x251

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