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Rural Training

Welcome, rural grantees! Since 1998, Praxis has been providing training, technical assistance (TA) and networking opportunities to rural communities funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. 

Approved training! Rural grantees may use their OVW set-aside training funds to cover travel expenses to attend all training listed here and do not need to get approval from their OVW program specialist. No registration fee.

Quick links: 
Rural Routes to Change-webinar networking
Building Blocks-webinar training
Grantee Roundtables

Attendance at the New Grantee Orientation is required as a condition of your FY2015 grant award.

New Grantee Orientation for FY2015 OVW Rural Grantees
February 17 - 19, 2016
Location to be announced soon. 

You'll get to meet other rural grantees, OVW staff, and rural-specific TA providers and to receive important information about managing your OVW award. 

Who should attend
OVW requires first time grant recipients under the OVW Rural Program to send the Project Director to the New Grantee Orientation. First time grant recipients are strongly encouraged to also send an individual directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the project. This may include an Authorized Representative, the Fiscal Point of Contact, or a project partner. 

There is no fee to register and grantees may use the training funds included within the funded project to cover all allowable travel expenses. Grantees are responsible for securing their own travel and lodging arrangements, which can be made after registration is released. 

Presentations will include
Rural Program Overview

VAWA Update

Grants Management System

Measuring Effectiveness: Rural Grant Progress Reports 

Office of Civil Rights

Office of the Inspector General

Grants Financial Management Division

Rural-Specific TA Providers: Language access, advocacy,
SARTs, CCRs, and faith responses in rural communities

Contact Janice Wick for more information:, 218-525-0487, x251


Upcoming training INSTITUTE
Large groups of grantees and national experts gather for training on a range of topics.

Unite, Reflect, Reform: Renewing our Advocacy to End Violence Against Women
A Rural Training Institute
December 2 - 4, 2015
Phoenix, AZ

Exclusively for rural advocates, this is your opportunity to strategize about how to strengthen our social change advocacy in rural communities: the specialized practice of empowering and supporting victims and facilitating their safety, recovery, rights, and autonomy while also working to reform social institutions, public policy, and community norms. Learning and networking with other rural advocates, you will develop new ways to define and structure advocacy, from engaging and working with survivors to strategizing and acting to change systems and community responses. This training institute will mobilize rural advocates for greater impact, align our efforts to create true social and institutional change, and provide an opportunity to share rural-specific successes and challenges in our efforts to end violence against women in rural America!

Who should attend
New and experienced community- and system-based rural advocates working on individual, systems, and/or community advocacy.

What participants of similar trainings have said about their experience:

I am so grateful for this training. It brought me back to why I started this journey that I've been on for so long, and I am so excited about the opportunity to re-calibrate!

Everything applies to the work I do with supporting and advocating for my clients at my job in a rural community. It helped me and awakens my purpose.

Thanks you for challenging me, for making me think more broadly about advocacy.

This experience has been absolutely incredible for me. When I came I felt stagnant, exhausted and helpless. Now I feel like I can better help women and my community in ways that I never considered.

I don't have a lot of experience with advocacy and I felt this training gave me a lot of info/skills to do this.

Staff and Facilitators
We are thrilled to pull together an all star cast of trainers and faculty from the Advocacy Learning Center and deeply experienced institutional and community advocates seeking an end to violence against women in rural communities.
  • Praxis staff: Diane Docis, Advocacy Learning Center; Julie “Tilly” Tilley, Managing Director, and Olga Trujillo, Rural and Institutional Analysis TA
  • Chuck Derry, Minnesota Men’s Action Network 
  • Alyson Morse Katzman, Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership 
  • Leah Lutz, Sexual Violence Justice Institute @ MNCASA 
  • Rose Thelen, Praxis Technical Assistance Partner 
  • Erika Sussman, Center for Survivor Agency & Justice 
Agenda at a glance

Day 1: 9 am – 5 pm
Morning: Foundations of Social Change Advocacy
Afternoon: Core Activities of Social Change Advocacy

Day 2: 9 am – 5 pm
Morning: Core Activities of Social Change Advocacy (continued)
Afternoon: Creating Systems Change Workshops
  • Enhancing Criminal Legal System Responses to Sexual Assault (Sexual Violence Justice Institute)
  • Revitalizing Criminal Legal System Responses to Domestic Violence (Praxis)
  • How to Raise the Bar for Men’s Engagement in Ending Violence Against Women (Minnesota Men’s Action Network)
Day 3: 8:45 am – 3:30 pm
Morning: Keynote: Engaging Men (MNMAN)
Morning & Afternoon: Community Advocacy Workshops (repeated once)
  • Collaborating with Child Protective Services to Improve Outcomes for Battered Mothers (Praxis)
  • Organizing with Faith Leaders to End Violence Against Women in Rural Communities (Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership)
  • Building Partnerships for Economic Justice for Survivors (Center for Survivor Agency & Justice)
  • Afternoon: Closing Keynote: Oppression & Trauma-Informed Interventions (Praxis)

Contact Janice Wick for more information:, 218-525-0487, x251


Registration is required
. Please contact if you do not receive registration confirmation. 

All calls take place the third Wednesday of each month from 2 - 3:15pm Central Time. 

Next session:
Wednesday, December 16

Information and registration to be posted soon!

Webinars on the core components of effective institutional and individual advocacy that improve outcomes for victims and accountability for offenders. These trainings are intended to provide in-depth perspective and thinking on relevant issue from national and rural experts in the field.
Watch for future sessions!

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