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Blueprint for Safety Materials

Documents and resources developed for communities adapting, implementing, and sustaining The Blueprint for Safety.

Supportive Materials
Chapters of the Adaptable Blueprint for Safety
Supplemental Materials and Training Memos

Supportive Materials

Blueprint for Safety Informational brochure (4 MB)
Research that supports the Blueprint
The Blueprint’s Approach to Risk
Blueprint Essential Elements and Rationale
What is Distinctive About the Blueprint as an Approach to Domestic Violence Crimes?
Sample Memorandum of Understanding with Involved Agencies
Key Steps in Adapting and Implementing the Blueprint
Blueprint Implementation Team Role & Activities
Blueprint Coordinator’s Responsibilities and Skills
Blueprint Advocate's Responsibilities and Skills
Planning a Blueprint for Safety Proposal

Chapters of the Adaptable Blueprint for Safety

A companion document to The Saint Paul Blueprint for Safety designed to be used by communities that want to adapt The Blueprint to their local setting. It is generic in the sense that it does not outline protocols, procedures, etc. that are specific to a particular community. It includes additional suggested practices and policies that were not adopted in Saint Paul but are considered to be effective intervention strategies.

Please note that while the limits of technology require that the document be downloaded in several parts, The Blueprint for Safety is written as a single document with a chapter for each agency. It is not a collection of good policies; it is a collective policy with each chapter linked inextricably to the whole.

File sizes are large; allow extra time for downloading. Open document before attempting to save to your local hard drive.

Blueprint for Safety - All chapters (5 MB)
Foreword and Ch. 1 - All Agency Foundations (497 KB)
Ch. 2 - 911 (445 KB)
Ch. 3 - Law Enforcement (591 KB)
Ch. 4 - Sheriff's Office (368 KB)
Ch. 5 - Prosecution (563 KB)
Ch. 6 - Victim Witness (348 KB)
Ch. 7 - Probation and Bail (620 KB)
Ch. 8 - The Bench (487 KB)
Ch. 9 - Bibliography (241 KB)

Supplemental Materials and Training Memos

The links below are to the appendices, support materials and training memos that flesh out each of the policies and practices described in The Blueprint for Safety. These materials and memos can be downloaded and used by local communities as training resources and administrative tools for practitioners processing these cases.

Chapter 1 appendices - All agencies
1A Practitioners' Guide to Risk and Danger in Domestic Violence Cases
1B Training Memo - Risk and Dangerousness
1C Training Memo - Intervention with Victims of Battering as Suspects or Defendants
1D History of Domestic Violence Summary Instructions and Sample
1E History of Domestic Violence Summary
1F Justice Involved Military Personnel and Veterans

Chapter 2 appendices - 911

2A Protocol 1 - Card 1 Caller Safety Unknown
2B Protocol 1 - Card 2 Unsafe for Caller to Speak Freely
2C Protocol 1 - Card 3 Caller Safe to Speak Freely
2D Protocol 2 - Card 1 Safety Oriented Dispatching
2E Protocol 4 - Card 1 Call review checklist
2F Training Memo - Accurate Coding of 911 Domestic Abuse Calls
2G Training Memo - 911 Attention to Violence
2H Training Memo - Recognizing Signs of Strangulation
2I Training Memo - Suspect on the Line
2J Training Memo - Open-line and interrupted calls

Chapter 3 appendices - Law Enforcement
3A Training Memo - Law Enforcement Response to Persons with Disabilities
3B Training Memo - Gone on Arrival (GOA) Cases
3C Training Memo - Making the Arrest Decision
3D Training Memo - Miranda Rights and Domestic Violence Cases
3E Training Memo - Implications of Crawford and Forfeiture by Wrongdoing
3F Training Memo - Law Enforcement Response to Strangulation
3G Training Memo - Law Enforcement Response to Stalking
3H Training Memo - Response to Children in Domestic Violence Related Calls
3I Training Memo - How a Defense Attorney Reads a Police Report
3J Training Memo - How a Prosecutor Reads a Police Report
3K Training Memo - Victim Engagement and the Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence
3L Domestic Violence Patrol Report Checklist
3M Supervising Domestic Violence Investigations - Case Review Checklist
3N Supervising Patrol Response to Domestic Violence - Patrol Report Checklist
3O Follow Up Investigations and Expanded Attention to Risk

Chapter 4 appendices - Sheriff's Office
4A Training Memo - Safety Considerations in the Management of Domestic Violence Cases
4B Training Memo - Receiving and Processing Warrants in Domestic Violence Crimes

Chapter 5 appendices - Prosecution
5A Training Memo - Implications of Crawford and Davis for Prosecution of Domestic Abuse Cases
5B Training Memo - The Implications of Forfeiture by Wrongdoing for Prosecution of Domestic Abuse Cases
5C Training Memo - Use of Expert Witnesses in Domestic Violence Cases
5D Sample Policy Language - When to Compel a Victim to Testify
5E Guide to Bail Setting Conditional Release and Enforcement
5F Training Memo - Addressing Uncharged Sexual Abuse in Domestic Abuse Cases
5G Framework for Recommending Time to Serve and Length of Probation
5H Sentencing Guidelines Departure in Domestic Violence Cases

Chapter 6 appendices - Victim Witness
6A Training Memo - Victim Impact Statements
6B Training Memo - Responding to Persons with Disabilities
6C Victim Witness Advocacy in Domestic Violence Cases

Chapter 7 appendices - Probation and Bail
7A Rehabilitation Program Considerations in Domestic Violence Cases
7B Training Memo - Conditions of Probation
7C Training Memo - Supervised Release in Domestic Violence Cases
7D Firearms Prohibitions
7E Monitoring Conditions of Probation in Domestic Violence Cases
7F Domestic Violence Resources
7G Training Memo - Probation Violation Law
7H Training Memo - Legal Considerations in Probation Violations Based on a New Offense
7I Training Memo - Probation Transfer in Domestic Violence Cases

Chapter 8 appendices - The Bench

8A Training Memo - Use of No-Contact Orders in Domestic Violence Criminal Cases
8B Memorandum on Consecutive Sentencing in Domestic Abuse Cases
8C Weekend Post-Arrest Procedures
8D Court Administration in Domestic Violence–Related Cases

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