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Webinar Training
July 13, 2017
The Probation Response: Messages of Help and Accountability

Jim Henderson, BWJP

2:00 – 3:30 pm Central

One of the six Blueprint principles for criminal justice practitioners is to send messages of help to victims, and messages of both help and accountability to perpetrators of violence. The state, and by extension the practitioners who represent it, have a powerful influence over people. The messages given to victims, offenders, and children at each point of intervention can have a deterrent effect or, alternatively, can fail to deter and therefore act as an opening for more violence.

The Blueprint is embedded with a set of messages that, if coordinated across practitioners and intervening agencies, can contribute to lower recidivism, increased engagement with victims, and less resistance from abusers to the state’s role in confronting the abuse.

Probation officers are uniquely positioned to promote this principle by acting as a resource for victims seeking an end to the violence, and by offering help and support for offenders who want to change while promptly confronting continued violence and abuse.

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