Praxis conducts training for communities who are interested in learning more about The Blueprint. We offer web-based and in-person training and are committed to ensuring all events are as accessible as possible for participants with disabilities, limited English proficiency (LEP), and Deaf participants.


4-day annual training institutes for local teams to be immersed in the full range of tools and methods involved in community assessments as outlined by the Praxis Safety and Accountability Audit


Blueprint for Safety Institute
July 17-19, 2018 – St. Paul, MN

The Blueprint for Safety is an “A to Z” criminal legal system (CLS) response to domestic violence. As a comprehensive Coordinated Community Response (CCR) with detailed adaptable policies and protocols, the Blueprint offers any community – whether large, rural, tribal, new to CCR work, or well-established CCRs – tools to improve their responses to survivors, accomplish their CCR goals, enhance safety, and strengthen offender and system accountability.

This Institute is an immersive interdisciplinary learning experience providing communities with a hands-on and simulated understanding of Blueprint work. It is designed to expose participants at all stages of CCR work to the various ways the Blueprint can enhance your local response to domestic violence crimes, whether you are interested in:

• Fully adopting the Blueprint,
• Adapting one or more of the Blueprint policy and protocol chapters, such as law enforcement or prosecution,
• Comparing your current policies and practices to Blueprint best practices,
• Adopting some aspect of the Blueprint response, such as responding to risk and danger or strengthening victim engagement,
• Assessing the effectiveness of your local agency responses, or
• Working with victims and advocates to document problematic responses.

Who should attend?
• Communities are encouraged to send teams of 2-5 people, such as a CCR/Blueprint coordinator, law enforcement officer, prosecutor, probation officer, and community advocate.

What will you learn?
• The Blueprint process for assessing your local practice and identifying gaps in victim safety
• How to develop solutions to the problems you identify and how to monitor for ongoing success

What will be included?
• Interactive sessions simulating Blueprint assessment activities and policy development
• Insights and tips on the Blueprint from St. Paul peer practitioners
• Police ride-a-longs, a survivor focus group, visits with St. Paul Blueprint agency staff
• Project planning with team members



Webinar Training

Receive quality training on the Blueprint for Safety

Webinar connection and call-in information will be sent with registration confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation withing a few minutes of registering, check your Spam folder. Contact if you need assistance. Long distance charges to participate can be paid with OVW set-aside training funds. All sessions are from 2:00 – 3:15 pm Central Time.

 Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Leveraging Relationships: The Role of the Advocate in Tracking System Response



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